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Benefits of meat. Everybody likes meat right? Learn about its health benefit not just the sweetness.Well trained professional health coaches to guide you through nutrition and fitness.Healthy tips for the beautiful chilly upcoming winter. How will you survive healthily?How to make a healthy kids lunch. Provided is a recipe with instructions to follow to make that beautiful kid grow healthy.






What is meat? Its animal muscle tissue that has proteins, fat, water, carbohydrates minerals and some other essential nutrients. It’s one of the most preferred meals worldwide. Most people only know of its good source of protein value to the body but actually there are a couple of benefits one can get from meat. 


These benefits include Amino acids which are used in building muscles and regulating of the immune system. Minerals such as iron and zinc which are used in the blood for hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells which is the carrier of oxygen and prevents one from anemia whereas zinc is required for proper health growth and for its immune function. A pregnant mother may be expected to take a proportionate amount of meat in order to support her pregnancy for her and her unborn baby.  



Winter is very cold and here are some reasonable tips to stay healthily warm:Ensure your house is properly insulated. You can contact any vendor who deals in this. Might be an extra cost but might save a life or two from the unforgiving cold.Check your heating system if properly functioning if repair is needed immediately attend to it.Have safe mechanisms for alternative heat to keep you warm. Always stay in warm clothes. Kick of the day with a cup of hot coffee or tea depending on your preference. Always stay alert on the media for any emerging issues. For the morning exercise lovers this time is better of using the home gym instead.Ensure your house has smoke detectors. As this is a cold season this doesn’t mean you should ignore your medication.Take time to learn safety precaution measures.

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It’s important to note that kids are rapidly growing and should be fed with the right nutrients to stay healthy. They often love sweet meals and why not a healthy sweet meal. For lunch make a meal that may fit in their kids pack and will certainly love it.Our meal will be parmesan sandwich spreadIngredientsChuck tunaRed bell paperBoiled eggsParmesan cheeseMayonnaiseSour creamLemon juiceDry basil leavesRed paperDirectionsCombine tuna pepper and green onions in a medium bowlCombine the eggs mayonnaise, basil leaves and red pepper in a smaller bowlAdd tuna mixture and blend. Refrigerate for two days then serveTip: this ought to have been done previously not to have a grumpy kid over lunch.

Health Coach Scope 

It’s always good to have people to guide you through healthy living as it’s a way of life. We choose the following heath coaches for the purpose of you:

Holistic Health Coach

A holistic health coach refers to well trained qualified personnel who uses combination approach to both diet and lifestyle for the purpose of not only putting a smile on the clients face but also improving their health. 

Wellness Coach

They are not necessarily in interested in the health goal but instead are into balancing social, spiritual and occupational well being.

Primal Health Coach

They are also regarded as paleo coach. They use evolution of biology and their principles to guide clients into healthy being this maybe through sustainable behavior change.





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